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Let our Prim Dolls make your house their home. We sell and specialize in handmade Primitive Raggedies, Belindy's, and Mammy's. We also carry a variety of shelf sitters. Our Dolls are made from the finest homespun and tea dyed to give it the most prim look! Each Doll comes with an inspirational message attached on a tea dyed tag. You're sure to find one that captures your heart.

**Dolls may vary slightly due to availability of homespun material**

Large Annie Shelf Sitter

*Large Prim Annie Shelf Sitter*


Harvest Shelf Sitter

*Small Harvest Shelf Sitter*


Ugly Mammy Sitter

*Ugly Mammy Shelf Sitter*


Prim Angel Sitter

*Prim Angel Annie Shelf Sitter*


Small Annie Sitter

*Small Annie Shelf Sitter*


Starkeeper Sitter

*Star Keeper Shelf Sitter*


Prim Angel Mammy Sitter

*Prim Angel Mammy Shelf Sitter*


Angel Annie

*Angel Annie w/Ticking Heart Shelf Sitter*


Prim Mammy Wreath

*Prim Mammy Shelf Sitter Wreath*