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Let our Prim Dolls make your house their home. We sell and specialize in handmade Primitive Raggedies,
Belindy's, and Mammy's. We also carry a variety of shelf sitters. Our Dolls are made from the finest homespun
and tea dyed to give it the most prim look! You're sure to find one that captures your heart.

*NOTE:Dolls may vary slighty due to availabity of homespun materials*
*Laundry Lizzie Ann*

*Mammy Lynn*

*Liberty Jean*

*Liberty Angel*

*Primitive Gathering Annie*

*Americana Mammy*

*Belindy Ross*

*Jenny Lyn & Rachel Lynn*

*Castaway Andy*

*Cat Collector Annie*

*Cat Collector Kitty*

*Festive Mammy Ann*

*Folk Art Mammy*

Inc. 3 Primitive Eggs

*Heartspun Belinda*

*Homespun Heart Mammy*

*Mamma Autumn & Annie*

*Olde Ragged Mammy w/Star*

*Olde Vintage Heartspun
Mammy w/Flag*

*Star Keeping Angel Mammy*

*Primitive Star Keeper*

*Spool Collecting Angel Ann*